You, must have a code ……….


You, who are on the road,
Must have a code
That you can live by.
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a goodbye.

The Taliban ‘has changed’ – according to Chief of the Defence Staff     18 aug. 2021

    ‘  General Sir Nick Carter has said British troops are “happy to collaborate with” the Taliban and he believes they have changed in recent years. He tells Kay Burley “may always be a threat from homogeneous [renegade] elements” of the Taliban, but at the moment the group is helping to keep the streets of Kabul “very safe and calm”.

Sir Nick said the Taliban lives by a “code of honour” [the pashtunwali] that has “honour at the heart of what they do”, and they “don’t like corrupt governments” and want to be “inclusive for all”. ‘


GBNews  /  Sir Desmond Swayne: ‘Britain is full‘  –   Aug. 18, 2021

‘I think we have to have a sense that the duty of most Afghans will be to hang on in there in their own country, and see what they can do to save it.’
Conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne tells Tom Harwood that ‘Britain is full.’   –


Pashtunwali  /

‘  Nations and peoples of the world have rules and codes of conduct through which they are identified. The Pakhtun living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the world, likewise, have a code of conduct called ‘Pashtunwali’, which is strictly practised by every proud Pakhtun. Pashtunwali literally means the way of the Pakhtuns, and is a tribal honour code that has governed the Pakhtun way of life for centuries.

To understand the culture, tradition and customs of the Pakhtun community, firstly one should understand Pashtunwali. Due to the emergence of the Taliban during the 1990s in Afghanistan, people throughout the world tried to understand Pashtunwali in the negative sense. The reason was that the majority of the Taliban were Pashto-speaking and belonged to Pakhtun tribes.

The fact is that all Pakhtuns, whereever they live, are tightly connected through this code of conduct, which dates back to the pre-Islamic era, and that is why, nowadays, every proud Pakhtun in Pakistan says that he or she has been a Pakhtun for the past 5,000 years, a Muslim since 1,400 years and a patriotic Pakistani for the last 67 years. ‘

 ( ……………..  )

Rafiuddin Mehsud  /    Published in The Express Tribune, November 28th,  2015.


Robert Ross (2010): Pashtunwali And The American Military


Tom Janssen  –